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Welcome to Brows by Jesa!

I am so happy you found your way here! I am Jesa, a licensed Esthetician and Certified Master Cosmetic Tattoo Artist est. 2015. I specialize in natural looking healed results that age beautifully in the skin for the years to come. My signature technique is called the "Powder Brow" which lasts up to 1-5 years. It is completely customized for you.


My Powder Brow is for any skin type/ color, can replace your brow pencil, heals beautifully, will not over power your face, and is much less deep and damaging to the skin than other techniques out there. My Powder Brow technique is done using a machine with a tiny needle that deposits pigment just under the skins surface. This creates an airbrushed, diffused effect that blends in with the hair, or creates an illusion of hair if there is none. You will have a balance of perfectly done brows that will not overpower a make-up free face but at the same time not have to draw them on anymore!


My beautifully natural healed results are what separates me from other artists. Most consumers are unaware that after getting their brows done final results are not immediate because they go through a healing process. This takes about 3 weeks and only then will you see the true artistry. When searching for your perfect artist make sure you ask to see plenty of healed work on a skin type that is similar to you. The pictures should speak for themselves with no persuading so get it done right the first time with Brows by Jesa, don’t settle!

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