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My Signature Ombre Powder Brow


My Ombre Powder Brow technique (you may have heard many names such as microshading) is the absolute best way to achieve beautifully soft and symmetrical eyebrows. It is the most natural and long lasting technique I have

found in my 5 years of experience. Using a high quality machine with a tiny single-use needle, pigment is deposited into the outermost layer of skin as to not go too deep, giving the look of a soft beautiful powder when

healed. Perfect for almost any skin type, those with sparse brows, no brows, or even for those with perfect brows to begin with! These are the brows you want when you get out of the shower, as they will not overpower but

enhance a makeup free face. The best part is, they will last you up to 1-5 years!

Please note: Many refer to any type of permanent eyebrow procedure as "Microblading" I do not do Microblading anymore because of many reasons. Microblading is a technique done with sharp needles that the artist will manually cut into the skin creating a hairstroke. While the immediate result can look beautiful, in some cases the

healed result after 4-6 weeks can change dramatically causing the strokes to blur, discolor, or fade off completely.

The long term upkeep of Microblading can result in scarring due to the deep cutting over the same area for years

and years. This is important to note because once you get Microbladed, my Powder Brow technique will not always hold up over the scar tissue. This is not to talk down the technique but more of a means of education and clarification because I get this question daily. If you have any more questions regarding this topic please feel free to contact me.

6-8 Week Touch-up


Touch-up after 8 weeks

Starting at 250



This is a top lash line enhancement procedure where a dark line is tattooed between the lashes creating the

illusion of dark and fuller lashes. This procedure defines the eyes and makes them stand out while enjoying a makeup-free face. Pair with Powder Brows to receive $100 off.

Brow Shaping


Brow Tint


Shaping & Tint




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